Mass Communications & Journalism

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The Communication and Journalism program at Kentucky State University prepares and equips students for careers as journalists or public relations professionals serving the information and communication needs of local, national, and global communities.  The Communication and Journalism program focuses on four key areas to prepare students for careers in media: writing, critical thinking, discipline knowledge, and technology.

The department is a dynamic program leading to careers in a multitude of fields. Students pursuing a major or minor in Communication and Journalism will develop skills that will help them gain employment in TV, radio, magazines, print media, public relations or advertising.  This active program gives students a wealth of hands-on experience.  The student-run TV program, Campus Connect, and the student-edited newspaper, The Thorobred News, allow students to get involved.  As one of the most innovative programs on campus, MCJ allows majors to customize their coursework to fit their goals.

Students pursuing a MCJ Bachelor’s degree will choose from one of the three concentrations:

MCJ students need 120 undergraduate hours to graduate.  Within the 120 hours, all MCJ majors will complete a 30-hour MCJ Core Curriculum, and then take additional specialized courses within his or her area of concentration. There is also a minor program in MCJ.

Faculty encourage students to participate in the campus paper, The Thorobred News, and engage with campus communication clubs, such as the One Mic Broadcasting Club, the National Communication Association Student Club, and the Creative Writing Club.

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