About the School of Business

The School of Business recognizes that the growing, rapidly changing character of American business demands that individuals involved in the business decision making process be creative and innovative, while understanding the successes and failures of the past. This concept permeates the School’s programs. The curriculum’s strong liberal arts component provides students with a foundation from which to evaluate a business firm’s social and moral responsibilities and their own individual responsibilities as they develop a personal philosophy of business.


The Kentucky State University School of Business prepares our graduates for business careers that require decision making in a complex economic setting; one inextricably interwoven into a dynamic and diverse social, political, and cultural environment. Seeing the business firm from this perspective, the School of Business has four overriding goals:

  1. To provide for all students, through the University’s liberal studies requirements, a firm base of liberal education that will develop within the student a global view of human understanding;
  2. To present business instruction so that students may understand the functions of the business firm as a whole and the purposes of specific areas of business;
  3. To develop within the student an appreciation of the importance of logical and analytical reasoning, a systematic approach to problem solving, and effective communications as these concepts apply to decision-making in the business firm; and
  4. To develop a view among students that the  baccalaureate degree in Business Administration is the initial step toward a life-long commitment to personal growth and intellectual maturity.

Objectives and Outcomes

The overall objectives of the School of Business are categorized into three areas: teaching, intellectual contribution, and service. These three areas of influence provide a foundation for the objectives and desired learning outcomes for not only the common professional component of our curriculum, but also for each Area of Specialization.