The Second International Pawpaw Conference Proceedings

September 21-22, 2001

Frankfort, Kentucky


This is documentation of the Second International Pawpaw Conference Proceedings, held in 2001. 

Kirk W. Pomper and Robert J. Barney
HortTechnology 2003 13: 410-411. [PDF]

Kirk W. Pomper, Desmond R. Layne, R. Neal Peterson, and Dwight Wolfe
The Pawpaw Regional Variety Trial: Background and Early Data
HortTechnology 2003 13: 412-417. [PDF]

Joseph D. Postman, Kim E. Hummer, and Kirk W. Pomper
Vascular Decline in the Oregon Pawpaw Regional Variety Trial
HortTechnology 2003 13: 418-420. [PDF]

Ian A. Merwin, Rachel Byard, and Kirk W. Pomper
Survival, Growth and Establishment of Grafted Pawpaws in Upstate New York
HortTechnology 2003 13: 421-422. [PDF]

Anthony Bratsch, Robert Bellm, and Don Kniepkamp
Early Growth Characteristics of Seven Grafted Varieties and Non-Grafted Seedling Pawpaw
HortTechnology 2003 13: 423-427. [PDF]

Robert L. Geneve, Sharon T. Kester, Kirk W. Pomper, Jonathan N. Egilla, Cynthia L.H. Finneseth, Sheri B. Crabtree, and Desmond R. Layne
Propagation of Pawpaw—A Review
HortTechnology 2003 13: 428-433. [PDF]

Kirk W. Pomper, Desmond R. Layne, and Snake C. Jones
Container Production of Pawpaw Seedlings
HortTechnology 2003 13: 434-438. [PDF]

Douglas D. Archbold, Rumphan Koslanund, and Kirk W. Pomper
Ripening and Postharvest Storage of Pawpaw
HortTechnology 2003 13: 439-441. [PDF]

Tiffany D. Wiese and Melani W. Duffrin
Effects of Substituting Pawpaw Fruit Puree for Fat on the Sensory Properties of a Plain Shortened Cake
HortTechnology 2003 13: 442-444. [PDF]

Susan B. Templeton, Martha Marlette, Kirk W. Pomper, and Snake C. Jones
Favorable Taste Ratings for Several Pawpaw Products
HortTechnology 2003 13: 445-448. [PDF]

Neal Peterson
Pawpaw Variety Development: A History and Future Prospects
HortTechnology 2003 13: 449-454. [PDF]

Elvio Bellini, Stefania Nin, and Maurizio Cocchi
The Pawpaw Research Program at the Horticulture Department of the University of Florence
HortTechnology 2003 13: 455-457. [PDF]