Russellville Senior High student Robert Skipworth left, talks with Aquaculture Teacher Tanya Mullen

Course Load & Program Extension Travel Plans Abroad CPT/OPT for F-1 Students
Advising / Importance of DSO's Signature Social Security Driver's License
Tuition & Payment Plans Health Care & Medical Internships
Tax Information


As an international student studying at KSU, it is very important to know the persons you will be interacting with. Please feel free to review the following information to contact our helpful staff members for any questions. We are dedicated to helping with financial assistance, academic and personal advising, and advising on immigration regulations & federal laws.

  • Financial Assistance
    • Financial aid information for foreign students
    • Budgeting and banking
    • Certification for foreign currency exchange/international student fee
  • Academic and Personal Advising
    • Academic and cultural adjustment
    • Work-study opportunities
    • Tutoring and English learning
    • Emergency situations
    • Married students and dependent concerns
    • Roommate concerns
    • Liaison with career and counseling
    • Campus safety
    • Health care
  • Immigration Regulations & Federal Laws
    • Extension of stay
    • Leaving and reentering the U.S.
    • Maintaining or changing visa status
    • Visa information
    • State and federal income tax laws and tax treaties
    • On-campus and off-campus employment and practical training at pre- and post-completion stages of study
    • Social Security Card application

List of Things You Need a DSO’s Signature for:

  • Letter of Eligibility for Social Security Number
  • Letter for Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Approval
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) Application Process
  • Travel Signatures on I-20
  • Edits to your I-20 including: change of major/minor, change of program end date, change of address