Title III Program

The Title III Office is responsible for the administration of the Title III, FUTURE Act, and HBCU Master's Programs. The funds are provided to improve and strengthen the University's academic quality, academic stability, improving the quality of student services, and improving the quality of institutional management. 

Title III also ensures all University policies and procedures, many of which are governed by State Government regulations, the United States Department of Education’s General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR), and other federal regulations and standards, are followed.   

Mission Statement   

The Kentucky State University (KSU) Title III Program is committed to supporting the mission of the institution. Title III serves as the central asminstrative office for the management of Title III federally funded activities. The primary focus is to provide asministrative oversight through planning, management and budgetary accountablility with emphasis on four (4) areas: Institutional Mangement, Fiscal Stability, Academic Quality and Student Services & Outcomes. Additionally, the office serves as the liaison between KSU and the U.S. Department of Education, Institutional Services Division. 

Title III 2023-2024 Funded Activites 

Histiorical Black Colleges and Univerites, Part B 

Project Name    Activity Director(s)   Purpose 



Ms. DeAnna L. Brown   jfiefiefiifjofjfjdoijv

Program Adminstration



Ms. Amy Olds    Strengthen Student Leadership Capacity through Training, Preparation & Exposure

Student Wellness 


Dr. Stephanie Mayberry    Strengthens Student Leadership Capacity through Training Preparation and Exposure - Counseling Center and Innobation and Creativity Lab

Student Success 


Dr. Stephanie Mayberry 


Strengthen Student Leadership Capacity through Preparation and Exposure



Ms. Jennifer Linton    Academic Improvements through Building Renovations - Expansion of Library Learning & Collaboration Center



Dr. Scott Wicker 
Ms. Candace Raglin 
  Expanding Faculty and Staff Development for Greater Student Success

Writing Center 


Dr. Scott Wicker   Enhancing Student Academic Quality: Strengthens Student Writing Through the Establishment of a University Writing Center



Mr. Michael DeCourcy     


Fostering Undergraduate Talent by Unlocking Resources for Education Act (FUTURE Act) 

Project Name Activity Director(s)  Purpose 


Dr. Mary Ellen Broaddus  Strengthening the Nursing Program
Dr. Wendy Dixie 
Ms. Sheila Stuckey 
Institutional Management 



Historical Black Colleges and Universities (Graduate) 

Project Name Activity Director(s)  Purpose 
HBCU Master's Dr. Michael Dailey
Dr. Chi Shen
Strengthening Student Preparation for Excellence - Implementing a High-Quality Online STEM-field Graduate Program



DeAnna L. Brown
(502) 597-6574
Neni Robertson
Contracts & Budget Manager
(502) 597-6341


Office of Title III Programs
Julian M. Carroll
Academic Services Building
Suite 256
400 E. Main Street
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