Protecting Each Other is a Shared Responsibility

Protecting Each Other is a Shared Responsibility

Posted on June 15, 2021

At Kentucky State University, our campus community's safety, security, and well-being are a paramount priority. Kentucky State is committed to fostering an environment that prevents sexual harassment, and other unwelcome sexual conduct, and interpersonal violence. As part of this commitment, the University adheres to effective, equitable, and fair procedures to investigate and adjudicate complaints.

The University educates all its members annually on awareness and intervention related to sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence. Education includes University policy, Title IX and federal laws, how to recognize and respond to incidents, and the importance of the victim-survivor deciding what is best for them.

To file a report or complaint of sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, or sexual misconduct, contact Hannah Satram-Hale, Title IX Coordinator at or (502) 597-6138. 

For confidential reporting of University concerns of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, contact or (502) 597-8021. The University will not tolerate any retaliation against a University member who makes a report of a violation.

Individuals who violate University policies related to sexual harassment or sexual misconduct will be disciplined to the fullest extent.