Eight Kentucky State University students selected to participate in Deloitte virtual mentor program

Eight Kentucky State University students selected to participate in Deloitte virtual mentor program

Posted on May 1, 2020

Eight Kentucky State University students were selected to participate in the Deloitte virtual mentor program.

Princess Warfield, Miracle Gaines, Jezzalyn Jackson, Marion Hicks, Tresor Tshamuganda, Hassan Houston, Linda Sualla and Jaylen Garnett were selected for the program.

The program was open to sophomores and juniors expected to graduate in 2021-22. Seniors expected to graduate in December 2020 could also apply.

Daryl Love, associate vice president of career services and professional development, said Kentucky State began discussions with Deloitte in February about job and internship opportunities for students.

“In early March, Deloitte approached us and further extended an offer for KSU students to participate in their Virtual Mentor Program,” Love said. “As we are just starting our relationship with Deloitte, I’m excited not only for the students who will participate as the first cohort of the program, but for the other anticipated opportunities this partnership will yield.”

Evan B. Marker, the Kentucky recruitment lead for Deloitte, said the mentorship program pairs students with Deloitte practitioners and aims to prepare them as they transition from school to full-time employment.

“Given the unique circumstances created by COVID-19, we have made this experience entirely virtual, which not only supports Kentucky’s response to COVID-19, but also serves as a tool to teach students about virtual meetings and how to interact with colleagues remotely,” Marker said.

Topics that may be covered as part of the program include resume development, interview advice, professionalism and workplace etiquette, and meeting facilitation skills.

All mentoring sessions will be held via conferencing tools or phone call, with no in-person meetings. The goal is for mentors and mentees to remain in contact throughout the student’s college career and to provide students with advice and tips to prepare them for the workplace.

“I often say to students they need to seek opportunities for development beyond the walls of our campus,” Love said. “As our society becomes more complex, it’s imperative that students connect and build relationships with individuals that can greatly enhance their chances for long-term success.”