Capital Planning and Facilities Management Commitment

To Our Customers

  • You are the focus of all Department of Facility Services activities. Your classes, courses, programs and services are the reason the Kentucky State University exists. Our mission is to keep you safe, support your efforts and contribute to your successes.
  • We will provide you with high quality products and services, promptly, courteously and professionally, at the lowest possible cost.
  • We will minimize disruptions, discomforts and inconveniences. Our goal is to get the job done right the first time.
  • We will communicate with you and keep you apprised of the status of your work requests.
  • We will prioritize our work based on severity of need (i.e. emergency, severe condition, preventive maintenance, routine maintenance, minor improvements and major improvements)
  • We will continually look for ways to make our operations more productive and efficient.
  • We recognize the restrictions inherent in a public HBCU. We will work with Kentucky State University administrators to overcome all obstacles to continuous operational improvements.
  • We will improve the University by continuously applying energy savings measures to day-to-day operations.

To Our Employees

  • You are our most valuable resource. We cannot accomplish the mission without you.
  • We will continue to encourage and support you in making safety the Number 1 priority.
  • We will provide you with tools, equipment and personal protective equipment you need to excel in you job. We will give you thorough and appropriate training on the tasks you need to perform. Your supervisor will provide oversight, guidance and encouragement. We will recognize outstanding service to Kentucky State University.
  • We value your experience, knowledge and insight. We appreciate your suggestions and encourage your involvement in improving our products, services and operations.
  • We believe that leadership, education, encouragement, communication and incentives improve employee morale and performance.
  • We believe that self-motivation and teamwork increases employee morale and work performance.
  • We will support you in your efforts to seek self-improvement and educational opportunities that will enhance your morale and work skills.
  • To improve your morale and performance, we will provide you with fair and honest feedback.
  • We encourage you to take advantage of services/programs that maintain/improve your health and welfare.
  • We encourage you to improve the University by continuously applying energy savings measures in your day-to-day operations

To the Kentucky State University Board of Regents, Alumni and the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky

  • We recognize that our operations are dependent on funding approved by the Board of Regents.
  • We will conduct operations in the most cost-effective manner possible, while maintaining high-quality services and products.
  • We will improve the University by continuously applying energy savings measures.
  • We will continuously improve the services we provide.