Academic Bankruptcy

In certain situations, a student may apply to declare academic bankruptcy.  In such cases, the student’s academic record for the term(s) specified will be stricken.  The bankruptcy policy is subject to the following:

  1. Only a student with has been readmitted to Kentucky State University after an interruption of two or more years is eligible to declare academic bankruptcy.
  2. The student must file a written petition for academic bankruptcy to the Academic Appeals Committee presenting a strong case for supporting the approval of the petition.  Reasons for the request (i.e., financial problems, illness, or problems of a personal nature) should be cited.
  3. The student’s entire academic record (all courses) for the stipulated period will have a notation of the bankruptcy action appearing on the transcript.
  4. A student who was on suspension at the time of last attendance and is granted academic bankruptcy and re-admitted to the University will be placed on probation.
  5. If a student is suspended after having been granted a petition for academic bankruptcy, he/she will be dismissed from the University.
  6. A student cannot declare academic bankruptcy more than once.