Records Management

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As a public agency, defined by KRS 61.870, Kentucky State University is required by law to establish and maintain a continuing active records management program (KRS 171.680). Public records are defined in KRS 61.870 as all documentary materials in all physical formats, which are prepared, owned, used, in the possession of or retained by a public agency.

Records are an essential part of the operation of any office and how they are managed determines how efficiently the office runs. Managing the records of a public agency involves the efforts of all employees of that agency. It is very important that all Kentucky State University (KSU) employees understand their role in the legal and fiscal responsibilities pertaining to records management and the records keeping practices for the University. We have a special responsibility to see that the information that we create and maintain – whether in paper, electronic, or other formats, is organized and accessible for use. The information in our records may serve a variety of needs, and how long they are kept depends on their value, whether legal, fiscal, administrative, or historical.

All records are managed based on the State University Records Retention Schedule (adopted March 10, 2011), which identifies records by series, title, and description; denotes the retention and disposition instructions; and provides the legal authorization to destroy them. If the retention schedule denotes that records can be destroyed, that means that their value has expired and a Records Destruction Certificate must be completed and approved for their destruction by the University Records Manager. If the retention schedule indicates that records are permanent, that indicates that those records have permanent value and special steps must be taken to ensure their protection, availability, and preservation. Some permanent records are kept in the creating unit. But, most are to be transferred to Special Collections and Archives Department. When transferring permanent records to the Special Collections and Archives Department, a Records Transfer Form must be completed and approved before they can be transferred to the Special Collections and Archives Department.  Records storage boxes, can be ordered at Cardinal Office Products. Click Packing Tips to view Instructions for the proper packing and labeling of records boxes and a sample folder list that must be included in each box that is to be transferred.

Systematic provisions also have to be made for those records that are not needed to be kept permanently. Those records may be destroyed at an approved time right in your office, when their use and value have expired. Please keep in mind that records of a sensitive or confidential nature need to be shredded. It is recommended that the shred be 1/4 inch or less to prevent the reconstruction of information presumed destroyed.

For any questions concerning your records management needs, please contact the Archives Records Manager, Sharon McGee.

*At the end of each fiscal year, all liaisons should check the records in their department to see if there are any that need to be disposed of or transferred to permanent storage.

For additional information on Records Management guidelines for Kentucky universities, visit Managing Government Records, published by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives and Open Records/Open Meetings, a useful online source designed to assist public officials in understanding their duties under the Open Records Law published by the Attorney General’s Office.

To file an Open Records request, please contact the Office of General Counsel.

See Basic Records Management published by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives for more information regarding records laws and access.