The Periodicals unit provides access to magazines, journals, newspapers, the online public access catalog and online databases. Back-issues of magazines, journals, and newspapers are available in bound and microfilm formats and databases.

The Periodicals unit is also responsible for collection management activities that include selection, de-selection, ordering, receiving, and claiming of periodicals and microfilm subscriptions and online serials check-in of periodicals using the Acquisitions module of the OCLC WorldShare Management Services system.


All periodical holdings information can be accessed using the library’s online public access catalog. Current periodical holdings can also be accessed via the Journal Finder and the KSU Library Catalog.

Circulation Policy

Paul G. Blazer Library does not allow periodicals to circulate outside of the library. Periodicals cannot be borrowed from the library for any period of time.

Microfilm Machines

Microfilm located on the far right side of the Periodicals unit is held in microfilm cabinets. The film can be accessed freely. However, the film is only to be read in the Periodicals unit. The film does not circulate and cannot be borrowed.

There is 1 microfilm reader/printer.

For assistance loading and unloading microfilm machines and locating microfilm please stop by the Periodicals Service Desk.

Online Public Access Catalog

The Periodicals unit offers computer access to the online public access catalog and online databases. Printing is also available from these computers.

Copy Center: Print/Photocopy/Scan/Fax

There is one copy center located in Periodicals across from the Service Desk. The center allows printing, copying,  scanning and faxing. The cost per print/copy is $0.05 (cents) for black and white and $0.10 per print for color. Kentucky State University students may use their KSU ID card for basic printing needs. You must be a full-time student or an employee to utilize print services.


Printing: Laptop/Mobile Device

Students can send print jobs from their laptops or mobile devices to copy centers on campus. To print in the library, use the following steps:

1. Open your web browser. 2. Type the following URL: http://printserver:9191 or   http://printserver.kysu.campus: 9131  3. Type in your user name Firstname.Lastname Example:  John.Doe  4. Type in your email password  5. Then click on Log in or press enter 6.  To submit a job for printing click on Web Print           7. Click on Submit a Job. 8. Select your printer - for students select: printserver| StudentPrinting (virtual) 9. Then click on (1. Print Options and Account Selection) 10. The click on (2. Upload Documents)

For assistance, please stop by the Periodicals Service Desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a periodical?

Periodicals, also known as serials, are publications that are issued in interval parts on either a regular or an irregular basis. These publications include magazines, journals, and newspapers. Periodicals offer the most concise and up-to-date information on a variety of topics.

For assistance, please ask at the Reference Desk or call (502) 597-6857.


The Periodicals unit is located in the third corridor on the first floor level of the Paul G. Blazer Library.


8 am-5 pm, M-F


Dantrea Hampton

Maurisha Jenkins