Institutional Effectiveness

Mission: Support continuous improvement through institutional planning and assessment aligned with the institution’s mission and goals by enhancing assessment practices and ensuring use of data to inform decision-making.  


Goal 1: Establish and maintain an assessment culture across campus

Goal 2: Ensure the quality of data

Goal 3: Increase the use of data for informed decision-making and continuous improvement


Student Learning: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness guides assessment of Program Learning Outcomes to ensure “quality teaching with a foundation in liberal studies, scholarly research, and public service to enable productive lives within the diverse global economy”.

Administrative Effectiveness: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness guides assessment of administrative goals  to support our commitment to “advancing the Commonwealth of Kentucky, enhancing society, and impacting individuals”.

Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness assists with ensuring compliance with SACSCOC and programmatic accreditation standards.

Data Management: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness assists with the management of data collection and analysis for accreditation, accountability, and informed decision-making.  

KSU Planning and Assessment ProcessPlanning and Assessment Process Planning and Assessment Process

At the forefront of all planning is Kentucky State University’s mission statement. With the mission statement in mind, planning occurs from the macro to the micro level. The University uses the following process:Institutional Planning Process Institutional Planning Process


Anthology (Campus Labs) Support

SMART goals   

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA)

Learning Assessment Research Consortium (LARC) Assessment Modules

IUPUI 2020 Assessment Institute links and recordings

Kentucky Students' Right to Know Data Dashboard- CPE/KYStats

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