Some Comments From Our Graduates

“I had an invaluable experience at Kentucky State University.The classes offered were enlightening and the professors were very helpful. These classes in a unique way provided a foundation for what would be my primary area of interest. Moreover, I was able to stay in school and graduate on time because of the financial help I got from various sources e.g. the math & science department.

“In the spring of 2012, I was accepted at Carnegie Mellon University. As I plan to join the school in a few weeks, I have no doubt in my mind that I am prepared to compete with students from high ranking schools in the country and around the world. I would recommend Kentucky State University to anyone who is looking to succeed academically and professionally.”

– David W. Munyaka
B.S. in Chemistry
Minors: Mathematics & CIS

“I graduated in 2011 with Andre and Haddi. That Spring you taught me Topology. I just wanted share that I finished a Masters in Applied Mathematics, which I wouldn’t have done without Ms. Foege’s encouragement and her suggesting I attend the EDGE program that summer. Graduate school really made me appreciate all of my math professors at Kentucky State. I only liked math, and was good at it, because I had such great professors. You all spent a lot of time with me and I felt like you cared about me personally, and about my success. As a teaching assistant, I didn’t really like the way students were treated at my school. So, I am considering pursuing a PhD in Mathematics Education because I realize that everyone needs a great math teacher who really cares about them. Thank you all for being that for me.”

– Ashley Gibbs


“As a biology major, I had the opportunity to learn from and work with supportive and approachable faculty members that truly wanted every student to succeed.”

– Kelley (Tipton), Research Analyst, ECRI Institute


“The academic training I received in the Division of Math and Science Department at KSU has provided me with the tools for success as I embark on a career in the sciences… I would encourage all students considering KSU to take a close look at the numerous opportunities available and the fundamental training provided by the Division of Math and Science.”

-Rob (Robert Rivers), Science Policy fellow at the National Institutes of Health


“I strongly believe that the Division of Math and Sciences in particular, and Kentucky State University (KSU) in general, have instilled an invaluable academic effect into me.”

-Lamin, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School


“I believe I had a good foundational knowledge for my entrance into pharmacy school… I believe any student can accomplish obtaining a Pharm.D. degree with undergraduate training from Kentucky State University.”

-Melanie Mabins, Pharm.D, Clinical Assistant Professor
UK College of Pharmacy


“KSU is second-to-none when it comes to professors and instructors that care about and take time for the students… I frequently recommend KSU to future students who want a fantastic education in a small campus/town atmosphere.”

-Dr. Amy Brumlow, Chiropractic Doctor


“I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoyed the professors that I have had the opportunity to interact with from the Division of Math and Sciences… I will always give credit to Kentucky State University’s college of mathematics and sciences for the goals I am sure I will accomplish.”

-Leslye Brent, Masters in medical science degree


“The faculty at KSU dedicated more time to their students than required of them and I really appreciated their efforts.”

-Santhi Chilukuri, MPH student at the University of Kentucky


“…My experience at KSU was excellent. The Math and Science department really prepared me for medical school (although at the time I did not know that!)…The professors in the department were always willing to take that extra step, to ensure that you were successful not only in their class, but also in completing your degree at Kentucky State University.

-Tiffany D. Williams, University of Louisville


“… I chose KSU because it offers a personal connection between faculty and staff. I wasn’t just a number, I was an individual.”

-Kimberly Jennings, Research Associate
Nationwide Children’s Hospital Research Institute


“…the Math and Science department at Kentucky State University is really one of a kind. Even though I was a science major before I came to Kentucky State University the knowledge and experience I received and gained molded me into the person that I am now.”

-Abraham Bekele, Quality Assurance Technician; Springfield Plant


“…The faculty-student ratio is ideal and conducive for higher learning. The Division of Math and Sciences has a great team of professors and leaders who promote academic excellence among the students whom they reach. The faculty has equipped me and many others for advanced-level degrees in math and science.”

-Stephanie Chisley, PA-C


“Being a student athlete and biology major I had a very close relationship with many of my professors. They wanted me to succeed on and off the field and were willing to go the extra mile to help me make up work that I missed because of games.”

-Melissa Seward University of Kentucky Doctorate of Physical Therapy Class of 2010


“…The university has given an opportunity to someone that may not have had one…They challenged me by giving me a scholarship to attend, but ensured that I would strive to do well by setting guidelines to maintain the scholarship. With such a supportive department as yours, I was able to achieve what I came to do.”

-Wendy L. Jackson, Ob/Gyn Physician


“I chose KSU’s Division of Computer and Technical Sciences Department because of its small community and teaching environment.…This environment fostered a place for me to come an learn without the fear of being overseen.”

-Sabrina Anderson, Senior Project Engineer


“The research opportunities that were available to me as a student in Kentucky State University’s Computer Science program, along with unparalleled, individualized faculty support, gave me the background I needed to qualify for a research position at Los Alamos National Laboratory right after graduation… The support I received from my department and college went far beyond my expectations.”

-Jennifer Green , Los Alamos National Laboratory