Digital Gaming, Entertainment and Simulation

The Bachelor of Science in Digital Gaming, Entertainment, and Simulation degree focuses on the current and future state of the video game industry. This will prepare graduates for a career in computer gaming, computer animation, software engineering and system analysis, system administration, and other game development related careers.

The following courses are required for this program:

  • ART110, 112;
  • COS375, 385, 460, 475, 476, and 490 or 495;
  • CIT255;
  • DGE300, 380;
  • 3 hours of COS/DGE 300+ electives;
  • and 3 hours of COS/DGE 200+ electives
  • Recommended course progression: DGE

Please check with your adviser to confirm actual degree requirements.

You can enhance your Game Development experience by opting for courses in:

  • Two Dimensional Design
  • Basic Drawing
  • Multimedia Production
  • Technical Writing
  • Online Game Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Gaming and Computer Graphics
  • Game Design and Development
  • Mobile Game Development