While the KSU Community is unique and strong, it is also an integral part of the “community-at-large” of the city and state in which it is located.  Established on a hill in Frankfort, Kentucky overlooking the Kentucky River and located only a short distance from historical sites as Daniel Boone’s Grave and both the old and current state capitol buildings, Kentucky State University (one of only two Land-Grant Institutions of Higher Learning in the commonwealth) endeavors to be a good neighbor to the populace of both city and state. With resources and programs available to the citizens of surrounding communities, KSU seeks to support and enhance academic and educational programs, provide assistance for agricultural endeavors, and work with children and adults alike to further learning. These are but a few of the objectives and aspirations KSU strives to bring to the citizens of Frankfort and the Commonwealth.

For example, the Office of Regional Stewardship & Public Engagement has, as its mission, to promote “regional and statewide economic development, livable communities, social inclusion, creative governance, and civic participation through public engagement activities initiated by comprehensive university faculty and staff.”

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