Student Engagement and Campus Life

Student Engagement and Campus Life seeks to provide a student-centered environment, supporting the academic programs of study at Kentucky State University. Our design and implementation of innovative programming aims to foster increased retention, develop healthy interpersonal relationships, provide outreach to the community, and offer opportunities to develop strong leadership skills through the following key areas: Student Government & Leadership, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Special Events & Activities, School Spirit, Intercultural Affairs, Student Activism & Service, University Ambassadorship, and Homecoming. We recognize that collaborative efforts across the institution, holistically supports and enhances the co-curricular student experience.

The opportunities provided to students, places an emphasis on Service, Leadership, Scholarship, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Diversity, and School spirit infused in every experience. An engaged student associates themselves with values-based, purpose-driven organizations that emphasize the teaching of transferable skills, allowing members to develop within their organizations to then go out and impact the world.