KSU and Lexington Division of Community Corrections Announce New Corrections Certificate Pathway

Posted on July 9, 2024

Lexington, KY—Kentucky State University (KSU) and the Lexington Division of Community Corrections proudly announced the launch of a groundbreaking Corrections Certificate Pathway. This announcement introduces a program designed to provide correctional officers with a structured pathway for advancing their career in corrections.


The Corrections Certificate Pathway, offered through KSU's School of Criminal Justice, is the first of its kind at KSU and unique in Kentucky. This program requires the completion of five courses. It is designed to equip correctional officers with the essential knowledge and skills for professional growth within the corrections system.


Dr. Frederick Williams, a key figure in the program's development, added, "All courses in this pathway will lead to a bachelor's degree. KSU will bring educational value to students through this rigorous program."


Chief Scott Colvin of the Lexington Division of Community Corrections stated, "This partnership and the resulting Corrections Certificate Pathway will provide our officers with the educational tools they need to advance their careers and take on greater responsibilities within our division. It is a significant step forward for professional development in our field. Drive on, take every opportunity presented to you."


“These people do such a phenomenal job for our community, but finding a way to elevate them and get them where they need to be to provide a better service to our community is something I’m always aiming for,” Dr. Akakpo said.

This online program allows students to work independently, making it an ideal option for adult learners. By building momentum for adult education, this initiative will contribute directly to the Kentucky workforce through enhanced professional development.


To apply today please visit, https://thorobredsglobal.com.


For more information on how to apply, please contact Cathi Smith, Director of Adult Learning and Governmental Relations at cathi.smith@kysu.edu or 1-502-597-5080.


For more information about the Lexington Division of Community Corrections, please call Major Matt LeMonds at 859-425-2730.