Kentucky State celebrated GIS Day with demonstrations, activities

Kentucky State celebrated GIS Day with demonstrations, activities

Posted on December 2, 2023

Frankfort, KY - Kentucky State University celebrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day in the Student Center Foyer on November 15. More than seventy-five students, faculty, and staff from various program areas such as agriculture, environmental studies, criminal justice, business, nursing, chemistry, and game development attended the event and participated in different activities.

The event showcased and demonstrated KSU’s current geospatial research, curricula, certificate programs, and available UAV-Drone instruments. The organizing team and STEM undergraduate research assistants discussed their research on the use of geospatial technology in their research projects through the demonstration of slides, posters, and interactive talks.

-seven students participated in a GoQuiz/Trivia game with introductory information about GIS. Another group of students participated in the Geocaching/Treasure Hunting Game, in which students used QR codes and Google Maps to hunt hidden treasure around campus.

The event also demonstrated UAV-Drone Technology, which enticed attendees to learn more about UAV-Drone Piloting and their use in real-time geospatial data collection, mapping, and environmental monitoring. Mr. Andy Short, a representative from Seiler Geodrones in Lexington, Kentucky, and a KSU supplier for geospatial products, demonstrated the latest UAV-Drone products and job growth in the geospatial field.

Mr. Chris Lyons, KSU alumnus and GIS Specialist/Programmer at Kentucky Energy and the Environment Cabinet, gave a presentation on the topic, “Charting Your Future: Navigating GIS Careers for Tomorrow’s Innovators.” In his presentation, he discussed the scope of GIS jobs at different departments in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, levels of GIS jobs at the state, and current and future internship and full-time job opportunities available at the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet.

Posters demonstrated how the students and faculty are using GIS in their research including disasters, climate change, renewable energy, and more. Additional live demonstrations showcased the dynamic applications of GIS in real-time monitoring, specifically Earthquake Mapping, Flight Tracking Maps, Interactive Map Game and Story Maps. These demonstrations aimed to highlight the versatility and practical applications of GIS in various scenarios, from real-time event monitoring to interactive and informative mapping experiences.

GIS Day organizer Dr. Buddhi Gyawali, Lead Scientist of the Center for Geospatial Intelligence and Environmental Security and professor of Geospatial Applications and Environment at KSU, said that GIS Day was a grand success and educated the KSU community about its importance, real-world applications, and role in diversifying career opportunities. Kabita Paudel and Amrit Nepal, Research Associates and co-organizers for geospatial projects, said the core idea of celebrating GIS Day at KSU was to encourage undergraduate and graduate students of different majors to learn about integrating GIS data in their research projects and career paths and sharing examples of how GIS and GeoIntelligence are impacting our world to make it a better place.

GIS Day is celebrated each year on November 15. The first-ever GIS Day was held on November 19, 1999. Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), one of the largest and leading enterprises for GIS software, initiated the celebration of GIS Day to honor the groundbreaking work of the geospatial community in advancing geospatial science and technology and the annual celebration of our accomplishments, as well as the limitless potential that lies in the future of geospatial technology. GIS Day is not only a celebration but also a gateway to internships and job opportunities within the geospatial industry.

Kentucky State offers a certificate (12 credit hours) and a minor (18 credit hours) in Geospatial Technology Application. For more information about geospatial certificate programs and internships, please contact Dr. Buddhi Gyawali ( The event was supported by the National Science Foundation- HBCU-UP Grant “Preparing the Pipeline of Next Generation STEM Professionals, Award Number (FAIN): HRD 2011917).”

GIS Day 2023 - PresentationsPresentation about GIS internships and career jobs

GIS Day 2023 - Student PresentationsStudents gather in foyer to hear a student-led presentation.

GIS Day 2023 - PostersPresentation about GIS internships and career jobs

GIS Day 2023 - Geoquiz GameAttendees playing geoquiz game on their mobile phones.


GIS Day 2023 - Digital SystemsStudents review innovative digital GIS systems

GIS Day 2023 - RegistrationGIS Day Organizers at the registration booth.

GIS Day 2023 - Geoquiz GameGIS registration table

GIS Day 2023 - Geocaching WinnerGeocaching winner.

GIS Day 2023 - Poster DisplaysAttendees playing geoquiz game on their mobile phones.