New NCAA guidelines affect Kentucky State University student-athlete recruitment and eligibility

New NCAA guidelines affect Kentucky State University student-athlete recruitment and eligibility

Posted on April 29, 2020 in COVID-19 stayinformed

The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected most aspects of life. Collegiate recruitment of student athletes is no different. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, colleges and universities have been working closely with the NCAA to establish new legislation to protect student athletes, coaches and administrators. 

The NCAA Division II Council adopted emergency legislation to immediately establish a recruiting dead period in all sports, effective immediately and continuing at least through May 31, 2020, at which time the committee will re-evaluate the status of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

In addition, the NCAA also drafted new legislation that would grant all spring sport student-athletes an additional year of competition.

All current collegiate spring sport student athletes (baseball, softball, track and field and golf) will be granted an additional year of eligibility, which includes an additional year of athletic and non-athletic aid.  

Under the recruiting dead period, Kentucky State University coaches and administrators are not permitted to evaluate student-athletes at a workout or competition in person. All in-person on and off campus recruiting activities have been suspended at least until May 31, 2020.

FAQs for prospective student athletes

A dead period is a period in which the NCAA does not permit coaches to make in-person recruiting contacts or evaluations on or off campus.

All communication between Kentucky State coaches and administrators and future and current prospective student-athletes will be through written and electronic communication – letters, email, text messages, virtual communication and phone calls.

Yes, coaches are permitted to receive emails from you that include content.

No, our coaches and staff are in a recruiting dead period, therefore they are not permitted to meet with a prospective student-athlete in person or off campus.

No, currently, Kentucky State and the NCAA is not permitting any on-campus visits. The restrictions will be reevaluated on May 31, 2020.

No, Kentucky State coaches and staff are not permitted to speak or attend any meeting or banquet in which a prospective student-athlete is in attendance during a dead period.

Yes, Kentucky State coaches will be permitted to sign potential student-athletes to NLIs beginning April 15, 2020.

No, during this time student-athletes are permitted to request release or void submissions.

Yes, the prospective student-athlete will have seven days from the issuance date to sign the NLI. For example, an NLI issued April 15, 2020 must be signed by April 22, 2020. If the 7-day signing deadline expires, another NLI can be issued to the prospective student-athlete.

Some platforms allow the prospective student-athlete to select a signature font or type a signature. In these platforms, the signature will include an authenticated code. The signature is permissible provided it can be verified with the authenticated code. If the prospective student-athlete or parent/legal guardian signature does not include such verification, the signature cannot be accepted. Some platforms allow the use of a stylus, mouse or finger to sign. This is a replica signature, so this is permissible without the authenticated code.

It is permissible for a prospective student-athlete to take a photo of the NLI signature page and the athletics aid agreement signature page. This photo can then be sent by text or email. The compliance administrator can then save that photo as a PDF and upload it in the NLI portal.

Yes, if a prospective student-athlete signs the athletic aid agreement without an NLI, the prospective student-athlete can later sign an NLI. The institution would attach the previously signed aid agreement to the NLI and another aid agreement would not be signed. In this case, the prospective student-athlete’s signature date on the aid agreement would precede the prospective student-athlete’s signature date on the NLI.

This information is up to date through April 17, 2020.