Kentucky State University Green and Gold Day at the Capitol a success

Kentucky State University Green and Gold Day at the Capitol a success

Posted on February 8, 2020

Kentucky State University students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and supporters filled the rotunda of the Capitol recently for Green and Gold Day at the Capitol.

The Kentucky State delegation provided lunch for attendees, legislators and state government employees and filled the rotunda with green and gold attire. The event was designed to show appreciation to legislators for past work done on behalf of Kentucky State and to encourage future support in the upcoming budget cycle.

Prior to the event, Kentucky State University President M. Christopher Brown II hosted a Bred Talk on campus to unify the supporters.

President Brown encouraged Bred Talk attendees to ask legislators to reconsider the current iteration of performance funding and to encourage the support of bond authority for new campus housing.

Chelsey Robinson, a sophomore from Cleveland, Ohio, said it’s important for Kentucky State to build new campus housing to provide students a place that feels like home and to live comfortably.

Dr. Margaret Davis, Kentucky State alumna, said she thinks Kentucky State is in a critical time.

“This performance-based funding can undermine everything that’s been going on in the past few years that has really enabled Kentucky State to thrive,” Davis said. “We need to be sensitive to the needs of the universities. This doesn’t only impact Kentucky State, but the other regional universities in the state. We do really need to take a second look at this.”

JuJuana Leavell-Green, Kentucky State alumna, said she felt compelled to come to the Capitol to show legislators that more than a few people care about Kentucky State.

“When they see a number of us come, they know it’s important that they consider Kentucky State,” Leavell-Greene said.

Latrese Bellamy, Kentucky State alumna, said she attended because she tries to promote the University as much as she can.

Vincent Greene, Kentucky State alumnus, said he recently retired and felt it was important to the University so he came to support.