Retired educator and alumnus, Samuel Meaux Jr., looks back on a prominent career

Retired educator and alumnus, Samuel Meaux Jr., looks back on a prominent career

Posted on January 4, 2019

After a stellar career as a teacher, guidance counselor, and principal, Kentucky State University alumnus Samuel Meaux Jr., who retired in July 2017, often reflects on the legacy he left behind.

“I had a wonderful career,” said Meaux, who earned a bachelor’s degree in business education in 1988. “For the duration of my tenure, I felt the support of my students, their parents, and my colleagues. Despite the challenges that came with my career, overall, I felt very blessed.”

Shortly after completing his college education at Kentucky State`, Meaux began his teaching career at Lafayette High School in Lexington, Kentucky. He was there two years before transferring to his educational home, Tates Creek High School, also located in Lexington.

During his time at Tates Creek, he became an Experience Based Career Education teacher (1995), the dean of students (1996), associate principal (1998), and head principal (2004).

Because of its unpredictability, being an educator, for Meaux, was a thrilling experience.

“Every day was an adventure. The first lesson I had to learn was to put aside how I grew up and the ideals that existed in my home. Many times, my experiences and priorities differed greatly from the students I served. That said, working with students, and being able to share in their success was a great encouragement for me to continue to hone my craft of being more influential.”

Part of being a solid educator is gaining the respect of the students. Over his 29-year career, Meaux accomplished this feat by being engaged with the students and caring for them as if he were their parent.

“Every day, I treated those students like they were my biological children, and held them to that standard. I worked hard to earn their respect and trust.”

Meaux praises his alma mater for equipping him with the necessary tools for success in his field.

“The preparation I received at Kentucky State University was phenomenal. I was more than prepared. I proclaimed that throughout my career, and continue to do so. I had strong, practical instructors who held students to a high standard. I will forever be grateful to KSU.”