Kentucky State University sophomore offers advice to new students on campus

Kentucky State University sophomore offers advice to new students on campus

Posted on August 27, 2018

Classes began last week at Kentucky State University. A returning sophomore shared his favorite memories of Kentucky State and offered advice to new students.

Thomas Royse, a sophomore business administration major from Simpsonville, said he first heard about Kentucky State during a campus tour. His friend, Ray Danicki, currently a junior at Kentucky State, also informed him about the college on the hill.

“Ray always answered any questions I had and gave me a tour of the campus and his residence hall,” Royse said.

Since that first tour, it’s been a good experience for Royse.

“I chose Kentucky State because I love the people here,” Royse said. “Everyone I have met is so friendly and willing to help you in any way they can.”

The distance from home is nice, too, Royse said.

“Being 30 minutes away from home is nice because it’s close enough if I ever need something but far enough away that I can be an independent adult,” Royse said.

Royse also works at Main Event in Louisville.

“I work at the front desk, where I greet customers and explain the deals and specials we have,” Royse said.

Royse has gotten involved on campus, as well, joining the jazz ensemble and the concert choir.

“I love being able to continue in music even though I’m not a music major or minor,” Royse said.

His favorite part of his Kentucky State experience has to do with music, occurring during the concert choir spring tour in March.

“At the end of each performance, all Kentucky State alumni in attendance would come on stage and sing the Alma Mater with us,” Royse said. “It’s amazing how a song can unite a group of people from different cities, generations and backgrounds.”

Finally, Royse offered advice for new students: show up for class.

“You can’t learn anything if you’re not in class,” Royse said. “If you don’t show up, you definitely won’t pass the class, either.”