Kentucky State University campus community teamed up to help those in need

Kentucky State University campus community teamed up to help those in need

Posted on November 15, 2018

Students, faculty, staff and administrators joined together to gather more than 900 food items for the Emergency Community Food Pantry of Franklin County.

Sonia Sanders, director for public engagement and community outreach, said the campus community exceeded the goal of 800 items.

“I love this University,” Sanders said. “This is a time where we all come together for the good of those who are in need. Thank you to all the faculty, staff and students who participated. Kentucky State University loves to give back and is ready to serve.”

Kentucky State students and employees nearly doubled their efforts from a year ago, increasing donations from 500 items to more than 900.

Students were on hand Nov. 16 to help collect the food items for delivery to the Emergency Food Pantry.

Students and employees from the Julian M. Carroll Academic Services Building (ASB) donated the most items with 263. The Carl M. Hill Student Center was second with 229 items. Hume Hall was third with 123 items. The following buildings also donated items: Carver Hall (107), Cooperative Extension/Roy M. Chappell Building (50), Betty White Health Center (45), David H. Bradford Hall (36), Aquaculture Research Center (25), Paul G. Blazer Library (16), J.S. Hathaway Hall (9) and Jordan Maintenance/Warehouse Building (2).

Jim Jackson, a board member at the Emergency Food Pantry of Franklin County, spoke at the Kentucky State University Thanks For Giving luncheon and told attendees that over 9,000 individuals in Franklin County received food assistance in 2016.

“Now you’re thinking: not in Franklin County,” Jackson said. “How can we have hunger in what appears to be a pretty prosperous community. But it exists.”

For more information about the Emergency Food Pantry of Franklin County, visit them online at

Grocery donations are accepted Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. until 2 p.m. at the food pantry warehouse at 102 Lakeview Court in Frankfort.