KSU saddened by violence in Baton Rouge

KSU saddened by violence in Baton Rouge

Posted on July 17, 2016

Again, we join the nation in mourning the deaths of multiple police officers. This morning, three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers lost their lives, one is in critical condition and two others were injured.   Our prayers are with the residents of Baton Rouge, a city already on edge after an African-American man recently was shot and killed by police.

We join the nation as we mourn these senseless acts.   We pray that as a country and as citizens of the United States, we unite to overcome this rash of violence.

As President Barack Obama said, “Today, on the Lord’s day, all of us stand united in prayer with the people of Baton Rouge, with the police officers who’ve been wounded, and with the grieving families of the fallen. May God bless them all.”

May God give us wisdom and guidance to come together and heal our wounded hearts and minds.



Aaron Thompson, PhD

Interim President, Kentucky State University