James Obielodan, Ph.D.

Professor of Management Information Systems
Academic Affairs
School of Business

David H. Bradford Hall
Suite 136
100 Silway Street
Frankfort, KY 40601


Phone: (502) 597-6915
Email: james.obielodan@kysu.edu


Dr. Obielodan has been teaching at Kentucky State University (KSU) since 2001. He served as the Director of Graduate Studies (2012-2018) and the MBA Program Coordinator (Summer 2005, Summer 2007, and 2011-2012). He also served as the Interim Chair of the School of Business (2005-2008). He was a Faculty Fellow at the Center for Innovation in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CITLA), KSU (2001-2002). He is the School of Business website and information resources coordinator.

Previously, he was an adjunct faculty at Western Michigan University (1998), William Tyndale College (1994-1998), and Lansing Community College (1986-87; 1999). Dr. Obielodan had over 12 years combined experience in academic computing, faculty training, instructional design, multimedia programming, and web development at Michigan State University. He was the Manager of the Faculty Facility for Creative Computing (FFCC, 1993 – 2001) and the Manager of Instructional and Technology Support Services (1997- July 2001) group in the Computer Laboratory at Michigan State University.

Dr. Obielodan has made several paper presentations at professional conferences, workshops and seminars. His research interests include: strategic uses of technology for competitive advantage, management of organizational knowledge and learning, impact of information technologies on entrepreneurship in emerging economies, and enterprise systems (ERP).

At KSU, he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Management Information Systems. He has also taught Quantitative Methods, Business Statistics, Business Databases, Computer Applications in Business, Survey of Management and Marketing, Information Processing, and Introduction to Business.

Degrees and Certifications

  • Ph.D. Michigan State University
  • M.B.A. Michigan State University
  • M.A. Michigan State University
  • B.A. Wheaton College; M.A., Wheaton College
  • B.Th. Igbaja Theological Seminary