Employee Tuition Waiver Policy Reminder

In accordance with the University’s tuition waiver policy:

An employee may not take a class during his/her normal work hours (including meal breaks) unless the class is required as part of an employee’s employment. Prior to taking the class, the employee must first obtain approval through regular channels. The appropriate vice president must approve all tuition waiver forms for employees in his/her areas of responsibility.

No employee who owes money to the University will be eligible for the tuition waiver benefit for him/herself or for otherwise eligible dependents.

All application forms for tuition waivers must be completed in full and submitted to the Office of Human Resources by the add/change date for the semester as published in the University catalogue; therefore, any forms that are received after  that datewill not be approved. A form is not considered received until it is completed in full with all necessary signatures, to include the area vice president. If both an employee and his/her dependent are using this benefit in the same semester, a separate form must be submitted for each individual.

Please remember to utilize the current version of the form.  An application made on an old version of the form will not be approved and will be returned to the employee.

Click here to download the form for employee and/or dependent attendance at Kentucky State University.

The waiver does not include mandatory student fees, course fees, late registration fees, graduation fees, parking and transportation fees, records and transcripts, special fees for assessments, entertainment or activity fees, computer usage fees, application fees, drop/add fees or any other fee that is assessed by the University.

If you are utilizing tuition benefits for graduate or non-credit courses, your courses may be taxable, If your courses are deemed taxable, you will receive a tax break up to $5,250 each calendar year (January 1 – December 31). Once you exceed that amount ($5,250) of graduate tuition benefits, then the Payroll Office will contact you regarding the amount of taxable tuition you owe.

Kentucky Public Institutions: In April of 2018, the Kentucky General Assembly voted to end the statewide mandatory tuition waiver requirement that allowed full-time Kentucky State University employees to take up to six credit hours per semester at other Kentucky post-secondary institutions tuition free. Due to the passing of this law, Kentucky State is unable to approve tuition waiver requests to attend universities with which Kentucky State does not have a reciprocal agreement in place. Unfortunately, Kentucky State does not have a reciprocal agreement in place with any Kentucky public institutions and cannot approve statewide tuition waiver at this time. Employees who previously received or are currently receiving tuition waivers to attend other Kentucky post-secondary institutions will not be approved for any future tuition waiver requests at those universities.