Alumni Spotlight - Kim Goodloe

Name: Kim Goodloe

What year did you graduate from Kentucky State? I graduated from Kentucky State in the fall of 1987 and walked in commencement in 1988.

What have you been up to since graduation? I worked as an admission counselor at Kentucky State from Oct. 1988 until April 1992. I worked as an Upward Bound counselor/assistant director from April 1992 until May 2003. I’m currently a special education teacher in the Eminence school district.

What is your best memory or memories at Kentucky State? My best memories at K-State were all of the great friendships I made while on that great campus of Kentucky State. We were and still are truly a family. I also remember all of the great teachers on the campus who cared for many of the students as we were their children. I would have never gotten that experience anywhere else in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I know this!

What is the most important thing you learned here? The most important thing I learned at Kentucky State was how important it was for me to get my degree and become a successful man. In gaining a degree, I’m able to help many more younger people that I come in contact with to also become successful citizens.