Alumni Profile: Brian Walker

Name: Brian Walker

When did you graduate from KSU? I graduated from KSU December 2000.

What have you been up to since graduation? After graduating from the university, I taught in Fayette County for four years as a second-grade teacher, resource teacher, and an LBD teacher.  Around my fourth year in education, I transition to a new chapter in my life and got into the automotive industry.  I’ve been employed at Toyota Motor Manufacturing for the past 12 years. The past five years I’ve really been focusing on making a difference within our alumni association.  I’m the current president of the Lexington Alumni Chapter and the chair of the membership committee for the National Alumni Association.  Taking on these leadership positions, I feel that I have really grown up and made myself available to serve the University.

Best memory or memories at KSU? One great memory I have of our beloved Alma Mata is from 1998, in which I joined the greatest fraternity of them all.  I became a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Inc. It was so great that we were in national headlines for weeks. Among all the Greek organization they still talk about what we did in 1998. What did we do, you ask? We had a probate show like no other. We flew and landed a helicopter on campus and then proceeded to do our probate show.  This was one of my greatest memories of KSU that I will cherish forever!

What is the most important thing you learned here? I could go on and on about this because KSU teaches you so many things. One thing that really stands out to me is that KSU is a family away from your family. The love we share with one another is like nothing that can be explained. KSU was my family while I was in school and still is my family after I have left school.  We are one KSU, one KSU family! When you love your institution you will do whatever you can to see that our school is there for future generations.