11 steps toward academic success

The Office of Student Support Services provides services in the areas of academics, time management, financial literacy and career development. Recently the SSS Office shared the insights below in order for students to maximize their academic success.

  1. Maintain perfect attendance (don’t miss any classes)
  2. Sit towards the front of the class and stay alert
  3. Always be on time for all of your classes
  4. Use a notebook for every course and take detailed notes
  5. Meet with your professors during their office hours (for insights on raising your grades and    preparing for exams)
  6. Never text, FaceTime or tweet during class
  7. Always complete your assignments early (frequently check the syllabus for due dates)
  8. Discipline yourself to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep
  9. Participate in constructive classroom discussions (some professors give extra points for this)
  10. Strive for excellence and challenge yourself to be great!
  11. Go to ACE for tutoring (in the Student Center, suite 110)                                                      http://kysu.edu/academics/academic-support/ace/  Your tuition dollars have already paid for these services.