National Alumni Association Dues

Alumni Relations

ANNUAL /ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP $100 Those persons who hold degrees, diplomas or certificates granted by KSU or who attended KSU for one or more semesters, or those persons who wish to be affiliated with the association in support of its objectives and programs but are ineligible for annual membership.
SUBSCRIBING LIFE MEMBERSHIP $700 The $700 life membership is payable over two years from first payment made.
LIFE MEMBERSHIP $700 These persons are eligible for any membership class and wish to be exempt from further National Alumni Association membership fees. The $700 life membership is payable over two years.

Membership Benefits

  • KSU athletic events discounts
    Discount on season tickets and games as advertised annually by KSU Athletics.
  • Membership value card
    Simply display your membership card for games, events and conferences.

Print form and pay by mail

If you would like to begin a subscribing life membership, please click the box entitled “Other” under the “Donation” heading. Your first Subscribing Life payment should be at least $150. Type the amount of your first payment in the “Other” box. Select the designation, then complete the rest of the form. Thank you!