Kentucky State University received $750,000 award from the USDA

Kentucky State University received $750,000 award from the USDA

The Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program was awarded $750,000 from the USDA to continue its work in providing training, outreach, and technical assistance to historically underserved and veteran farmers and ranchers.

Kentucky State is one of 29 grantee organizations that are receiving a total of $18.6 million as part of the USDA 2501 Program, or the “Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers Program.”

The funding is for educational outreach over the next three years. Kentucky State’s work with this funding is developed by Dr. Marion Simon, state specialist for small farm and part-time farmers. Other collaborators on the project include Dr. Jerusha Lay, Cynthia Rice, Shelley Spiggle, and others from Kentucky State University, as well as Martin Richards of Community Farm Alliance.

Small farm agents and assistants will use funds to do demonstrations on farms, hold educational field days or meetings, attend professional meetings, and purchase supplies needed for their work. Lay, assistant professor and veterinarian, will be expanding Kentucky State Extension’s livestock programming, including working with county agents across the state to give educational talks. The funding will be used in many ways to serve farmers across the Commonwealth.

“I am anxiously awaiting the opportunities that this will provide to Kentucky farmers,” Simon said. Simon has led numerous 2501 projects since 1989 at Kentucky State University.

For more information about the services that Kentucky State University’s Cooperative Extension Program can provide, visit the website.