Rare Quattro Cavalli replica unveiled at Kentucky State University

Rare Quattro Cavalli replica unveiled at Kentucky State University

Posted on August 21, 2020

Kentucky State University unveiled a rare replica of the Quattro Cavalli statue on its campus Friday, Aug. 21.

Quattro Cavalli, also known as the Horses of Saint Mark’s, are one of the world’s most mysterious statuary.

“The rich history of pure bred, agile, swift, and strong horses a cornerstone of Kentucky life. As the Commonwealth’s Home of the Thorobreds, we are appreciative of the opportunity to share this awe-inspiring figures with the community. The Quattro Cavalli now sit upon a hill like a sentinel on watch at the entry of our campus,” Kentucky State University President M. Christopher Brown II said.

While the original set of four gilded copper horses are on display inside St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, a replica stands in position on the loggia. The only replica in the United States resides at Kentucky State University.

The Italian horses, positioned to look onward, upward and forward, will serve as a vital tourism landmark and community gathering place to learn the significance of this replica of one of the most magnificent statues to survive from classical antiquity.

“The Quattro Cavalli were positioned on campus to face toward the Capitol rotunda — reinforcing the role of Kentucky State University as the state’s only federally sponsored historically black land-grant university. The horses are racing onward, upward and forward,” President Brown said.

Under normal circumstances, the replica would have been unveiled to welcome the class of 2024. However, with the ongoing global pandemic, the unveiling was modified to adhere to federal, state and local guidelines.