TLC - Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

Absolutely not. TLC peer support helps students to improve their abilities to organize, develop, revise, edit, and eventually own their academic success.

TLC sessions last approximately 30 minutes.

If you have referred a student to the center for academic support, you may request a progress report monthly or as reports are needed.

Our faculty referral form is now available online. Anytime you would like to refer a student to work on a specific skill, feel free to complete one of these forms.   Schedule an appointment today! Instead of a blanket referral, we suggest session goals to help maximize the student’s center usage.

Students can use the TLC anytime, setting up an appointment with a tutor, or visit the center for drop in tutoring during center hours.

TLC provides assistance in mathematics, essay and research paper development, reading comprehension and textbook management, vocabulary building, oral communication, science, languages, critical thinking skills, study and test-taking strategies, personal learning styles assessment, note-taking, and documentation.  TLC staff always encourage students to attend class regularly.