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Thanksgiving, Fall Semester Closing, and Winter Break Information

Greetings Thorobreds,

The office of Housing and Residence Life wishes you the best as we approach the end of the semester. We are reaching out to provide vital information you need to know regarding Thanksgiving break, fall semester closing, winter break housing, and how to prepare for next semester.

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All students will be required to vacate their University housing assignment by 4:30 PM. on Tuesday, November 21 (unless granted an approved extension). All residential facilities will close (and access disabled) at 5 PM on November 21. Dining and Housekeeping services will be operating on limited availability and all services will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

During finals week, your Resident Director will post a checkout checklist on your door listing the items to complete prior to leaving campus for winter break. You are expected to review the information and complete all items outlined. The last person to leave will write their name on the bottom line to signal all residents have left and that a staff member may enter to complete a safety check of the room to close the building for the break. All communities, including apartments and organizational houses, close for winter break on Friday, December 15th at 4 PM. Dining services will be closed and will resume with brunch on Sunday, January 8th. Please note that additional closing information will be forthcoming.

If you need a place to stay for winter break, Friday, December 15th through Saturday, January 7th, such as athletes in season, international/exchange students with housing challenges, or those who are housing insecure, please submit a petition for housing using the winter break Housing Petition, available on the Housing website under Applications and Forms. You must submit a petition by Thursday, November 30th to be considered for housing during any part of the break. Please be aware that all food services are suspended during the entirety of winter break and housing will be closed to all unapproved students beginning on Friday, December 15th at 5 PM (card access will be disabled and buildings secured). The cost for Winter Break housing is $100 per week, charged to your student account.

For students leaving housing, (e.g. studying abroad in the spring, taking a leave of absence, or withdrawing) housing withdrawal forms and all check-out arrangements must be made prior to closing on Friday, December 15th at 5 PM. Students must schedule a check-out walk-through time with a staff member 48 hours in advance.

Students requesting room changes for the Spring 2024 semester must do so in writing by December 15th at 4:30 pm. Assignments will be updated and released on or before January 8, 2024. Students changing rooms must make arrangements that allow time to complete their relocation, upon returning to campus.

In the event you have a vacancy in your room, a roommate may be assigned to you in the near future. Please ensure empty bed space and the associated furniture remain unused as a roommate may be assigned to you at any time. We try our best to communicate with you regarding possible roommates and facilitate a meeting in advance, however, a roommate can be assigned to the room without notice. This is especially important to keep in mind over breaks, including winter break, as there continue to be adjustments to housing assignments leading up to the beginning of the spring semester.

The residential communities reopen on Sunday, January 7th at 9 AM.

We hope that you found this information helpful and we are looking forward to a wonderful holiday season. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a representative at or call 502-597-5951.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays,