Express Check Out

I, fully understand the condition in which I am supposed to leave my room and have had the opportunity to be informed about proper check out procedures. I have elected to take the “Express Check Out” option by signing this agreement, which will act as my signature on my room inventory, and I have turned in my room key. I accept full responsibility for all damages (or my portion thereof) in my residence hall room, floor and building and the fines or repair/replacement cost that result from those damages.

By signing this form, I understand and agree to the following terms of the Express Check-Out

  • I am voluntarily participating in the Express Check-Out process and am choosing not to participate in the Check-Out Appointment and Room Inspection process with a Residence Life staff member.
  • I will properly prepare my room/house for move out (as stated in the “Requirements for Check- Out” document) and fully comply with the requirements of the Express Check-Out process.
  • I understand that Residence Life staff will conduct a complete inspection of my room/house after the final student assigned to the room/house departs. I am waiving my right to be present during a check-out inspection.
  • I acknowledge that I am responsible for ANY discrepancies from my original Room Condition Report and understand that I may be billed for the damages.
  • I acknowledge that damages to a resident’s space will be charged proportionately to each resident of the space. Damages to a room/building will be charged to the occupants only.
  • Failure to return any hard key assigned to me will result in a $150 lock change charge being assessed to my student account.