BREDS Choice

BREDS Choice is a new initiative by Kentucky State University that emphasizes the personal health, safety and well-being of every member of the campus community, while providing access to higher education for those who may need a safe learning environment. 

Students have a vast number of options for how they choose to attend Kentucky State for the upcoming semester.

Residence Life Move-In Schedule 

Tuesday through Friday, Aug. 4-7: student leaders

Tuesday through Thursday, Aug. 11-13: upper-level students

Friday through Sunday, Aug. 14-16: first-year students

All students must submit their choice and pay housing deposits by 2 p.m. Friday, Aug. 7.

Roommate Requests

Every effort will be made to place you and your preferred roommate together. Roommates must request the same residence hall.

Note: Students who do not request a roommate but choose the roommate option will be assigned one by the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

Please complete the form below to notify University officials how you wish to attend this fall.



How would you prefer to attend classes at Kentucky State this fall?*
Students who chose the hybrid option will have the flexibility to revert to online instruction if they become uncomfortable with face-to-face instruction. Kentucky State wants its students to feel comfortable and choose the option that is best for each student’s health, safety and well-being.


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