University Operations FAQs

  • Kentucky State will be open for normal operations for the Fall 2021 semester. Essential personnel never left the
    campus and always had access to the physical campus. A small percentage of the workforce started returning
    back to campus on June 29, 2020.
  • Per the Governor’s Executive Order 2021-386, released on June 11, 2021, all Healthy at Work Requirements have
    been rescinded. Kentucky State University’s workforce has returned to 100% capacity. It is strongly recommended
    that all Kentucky State University employees receive the vaccine. 
  • Human Resources is available to advise staff on appropriate telecommuting practices, employee leave management, and related workplace questions.
  • The first day of classes for undergraduate students, and many graduate/professional programs will take place
    Saturday, August 14, 2021. Kentucky State will return to face-to-face instruction at that time. Only courses and
    course programs designated as “Distance”, “Online”, or “Hybrid will be delivered via online instruction. Face- to-face
    instruction and on-campus living will officially conclude on November 19, 2021. All final exams will occur online.

For health-related questions, contact Student Health Services at (502) 597-6271.

For academic-related questions, students should contact their instructors, and faculty should contact their dean.

For general student-related questions, contact Dr. Pernella Deams at (502) 597-6283 or

For questions related to student organizations and other activities, contact Katianna Yates at (502) 597-6785 or

For staff questions, contact the Office of Human Resources at (502) 597-6667 or

For information technology questions, contact the IT Help Desk at (502) 597-7000 or

For campus facilities questions, contact Paul Cable at (502) 597-6429 or

For health, safety and environmental questions, contact Eric Robinson at (502) 597-6646 or

For student account questions, contact the Office of the Bursar at (502) 597-6278 or

For campus safety and security questions, contact Chief Barbara Hayes at (502) 597-6878 or

For questions related to novel coronavirus, email