Kentucky State University appreciates the remarkable efforts and commitment of our faculty and staff to our institutional mission and goals. Beginning the week of March 16, employees who can work remotely will start to do so until further notice. Approaches and timelines may vary across the campus community. This decision aligns with our goal to reduce the number of interactions on campus, slow the rate of transmission, and protect and care for the wellbeing of our community.

Employees should read the University Temporary Telecommuting Policy and complete the Temporary Telecommuting Agreement. All employees should speak directly with their supervisor for guidance.

The situation is changing rapidly, and Human Resources is reviewing and adjusting workforce polices accordingly to address the emerging issues and concerns of our faculty and staff. For HR questions, call (502) 597-6667.

Kentucky State University has created a liberal leave COVID-19 paid leave policy in ADP WorkforceNow. Effective immediately and subject to supervisor approval, Kentucky State University employees may take up to 45 hours (7.5 hour employees) and 48 hours for (8 hour employees) employees in the event of self-quarantine, quarantine or care of an immediate family member, childcare resulting from school closures, or other related scenarios. The liberal leave COVID-19 leave is available to all full-time employees.
This temporary liberal leave COVID-19 policy can be used during the current pandemic, and we will re-evaluate the program as well as other leave policies as needed in the coming weeks.

This decision aligns with our goal to reduce the number of interactions on campus, slow the rate of transmission, and protect and care for the wellbeing of our community.

Employees should follow their normal process of reporting absence and requesting time off.

At this time, once the liberal leave hours have been exhausted, the expectation is that the employee would use the University’s current paid leave policies and processes. The University will continue to review the current paid leave policies to determine any necessary changes to remain flexible during this time and will communicate any changes going forward.
No adverse employment action will be taken due to absences in response to the COVID-19 virus. All absences related to COVID-19 virus response, as listed above, are considered excused.
No. Employees are only required to follow the normal unit absence notification policy.
During this time, our medical provider is covering medically related COVID-19 questions via Live Health Online visits and Mental Health online visits. Click here to see Live Health Online questions and answers.
The University provides resources and support for managing increased feelings of anxiety and stress related to the uncertainty of the COVID-19. Employees should contact the MetLife Employee Assistance Program at (888) 319-7819. Click here to view the employee assistance program. LiveHealth Online Psychology can be reached via phone at (844) 784-8409 from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m.
We expect supervisors to work with their team members to ensure work has been assigned and completed.
Essential personnel are members designated by an appropriate vice president/provost or the designated emergency response team to be critical to the continuation of key operations and services.

Essential services are services determined to be critical to the functioning of the University-based on the nature of an event and/or incident.

For health-related questions, contact Student Health Services at (502) 597-6271.

For academic-related questions, students should contact their instructors, and faculty should contact their dean.

For general student-related questions, contact Dr. Pernella Deams at (502) 597-6283 or

For questions related to student organizations and other activities, contact Katianna Yates at (502) 597-6785 or

For staff questions, contact the Office of Human Resources at (502) 597-6667 or

For information technology questions, contact the IT Help Desk at

For campus facilities questions, contact Paul Cable at (502) 597-6429 or

For health, safety and environmental questions, contact Eric Robinson at (502) 597-6646 or

For student account questions, contact the Office of the Bursar at (502) 597-6278 or

For campus safety and security questions, contact Chief Barbara Hayes at (502) 597-6878 or

For questions related to novel coronavirus, email