Procedures For Proposal Submission

OSP Flow for grant submissions

All proposals to funding agencies by faculty or other employees of the university must be submitted by the OSP after undergoing  a complete internal review prior to submission.  The university is not obligated to accept awards for proposals that are not submitted through OSP. Click on chart for details.

The KSU Transmittal Form signed by the PI, and department chair be presented to the OSP before the proposal will be submitted. Transmittal Form

Primary Responsibilities

KSU’s review process is designed to strengthen the quality of the proposal, its responsiveness to the requirements of the funding agency, and to protect the interests of the University. The following are the primary responsibilities of the principals in the review process:

  1. The Principal Investigator is responsible for:
    • Proposal development.
    • Technical merit.
    • Budget appropriateness.
  2. The Chairperson/Department Head/Dean reviews the proposal to:
    • Assure academic soundness.
    • Assure consistency with goals and the advancement of the department.
    • Assure availability of resources if awarded.
    • Reconcile faculty release time with other responsibilities. 
  3. The OSP reviews to:
    • Ensure compliance with University’s fiscal policies.
    • Ensure correctness of direct cost, salaries, and fringe benefits computations.
    • Ensure the University is appropriately reimbursed for services.
    • Verify budget totals.
    • Coordinate the internal review process.
    • Ensure compliance with sponsored guidelines and policies.
    • Ascertain compliance with institutional policies and mission objectives.
    • Verify proper authorization of institutional commitments regarding matching, cost-sharing, or in-kind contributions.
    • Ensure approval by appropriate institutional review board(s) when necessary.

All proposals for internal review must be accompanied by agency guidelines or instructions and the KSU Transmittal Form.  Principal Investigators should submit their proposals to OSP for processing and final approval only after the proposals have been reviewed and endorsed by the chairperson/department head/dean.  The review process may take several days to complete; therefore, Principal Investigators must plan to submit their proposals to OSP at least two (2) weeks prior to the funding agency’s deadline to ensure documents are thoroughly reviewed and the deadline can be met.

Electronic packages for submission through, FastLane, or other electronic systems must be completed by the PI prior to release to OSP.  PIs can receive assistance and training from OSP to complete the forms and work within the electronic package upon request.