Transfer Of Award From A Previous Institution

A new faculty member may wish to transfer an award from a previous institution to the university. Such a transfer must have the approval of both the funding agency and the previous institution. If approval is granted, the Principal Investigator should prepare a new or revised proposal for internal processing following standard ORSP procedures.

Occasionally, a Principal Investigator may accept an appointment in another institution before the expiration of an award received while employed by the University. The transfer of an award to another institution is usually determined by the funding agency’s policies.  If the University elects to retain the project, a new Principal Investigator will be appointed to take over the project, following the process described in the preceding section.

Should the University elect not to retain the project, the departing Principal Investigator must send a request to transfer the unspent portion of the award to the new institution. Such a transfer must be approved by the Deputy Provost for ORSP, the dean of the school or college, and ultimately by the sponsoring agency. Approved transfers occur only after final accounting and certification by the responsible grant accountant that all incurred obligations have been settled, and a balance remains for transfer to the new institution.