About the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

The Office Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) at Kentucky State University serves as the centralized unit for the coordination of the university’s externally sponsored research and grants activities and projects. It is responsible for developing, sponsoring, and coordinating all research and grants-related activities at the university. It is responsible for the collective management of all activities associated with the receipt of external funding. The ORSP processes, monitors, and facilitates the evaluation of all sponsored projects to ensure that all grants and contracts are consistent with institutional goals, policies, and procedures.


Pre-Award Technical Assistance

  • Disseminate pertinent agency information to the research community.
  • Offer grantsmanship and proposal-writing workshops and seminars.
  • Provide assistance to faculty and staff in clarifying and interpreting federal/agency guidelines, requirements, regulations, as well as university policies and procedures.
  • Assist Principal Investigators with proposal preparation, editing and evaluation, to ensure compliance with agency guidelines.
  • Process proposals for internal approval and transmittal.
  • Post-submission tracking.

 Post-Award Technical Assistance

  • Process award documents
  • Provide post-award briefs to Principal Investigators.
  • Provide interpretation of compliance requirements.
  • Maintain official university award files (electronic and/or hardcopy).
  • Review subawards and contracts for routing to General Counsel and the Office of the President.
  • Ensure compliance with reporting requirements established by funding agencies.
  • Review and submit budget and scope of work changes to the sponsoring agency.
  • Coordinate compliance issues relating to human subjects, animal care and use, radioactive materials and biohazards.
  • Evaluate client-initiated subcontracts to ensure the University interests are protected.
  • Develop and monitor University-initiated contracts, subcontracts, and sub-agreements.
  • Serve as official University point-of-contact between the agency and the institution.

 University Reporting for Sponsored Programs

  • Maintain database of proposal submissions.
  • Maintain database of awards.
  • Prepare and submit reports to the KSU administration regarding state, federal and private awards.