Government Relations and Economic Innovation

The Office of Government Relations serves as the chief liaison between the university and all levels of government: federal, state, and local working regularly with the U.S. Congress, the White House, the General Assembly of Kentucky, federal, state and local agencies on matters that affect Kentucky State University and higher education.

Federal Relations

Kentucky State University has a broad federal relations agenda, leading advocacy efforts for higher education, 1890 land-grant, and research before the White House, Congress and federal agencies.  The Office of Government Relations facilitates the development, implementation and advocacy of the University’s federal agenda.

State Relations

The State Relations team works closely with members of the Governor’s office, Kentucky General Assembly and cabinet agencies regarding state policy that affects higher education.  Our policy experts are leaders in higher education advocacy in the Commonwealth, liaise and coordinates legislative request from the General Assembly, and frequently leads initiatives of statewide importance.

Local Relations

Kentucky State recognizes that the University community is only as strong as its surrounding community.  Therefore, the Office of Government Relations works closely with our local elected officials and community organizations on public policy issues, including participation in various policy working groups.

International Relations

At times international partnerships require contact with government officials. The Office of Government Relations works with federal government agencies with jurisdiction of international funding and programs, international organizations and governments abroad to facilitate education partnerships on behalf of the University community.