Support the Mighty Marching Thorobreds


To ensure the Kentucky State University Mighty Marching Thorobred Band has access to the best equipment and uniforms for our student experience to be world-class and incomparable to any other.

Significance of the Moment

Since 1886, Kentucky State University has impacted the lives of our students, the Frankfort community, the Commonwealth and the nation. The Kentucky State University Mighty Marching Thorobred Band has been an integral part of the university’s outreach. Our band has traveled throughout the United States over its history promoting our institution and its educational endeavors.

As part of our 135th Anniversary since our founding, we are launching the KSU Mighty Marching Ambassador Campaign to raise funds for new uniforms and equipment for our award-winning band here at Kentucky State University. Through your generous support, we can outfit our current and future band members with state-of-the-art equipment and new uniforms to highlight the best of Kentucky State University.

Value of the Individual

For the Kentucky State University Mighty Marching Thorobred Band to be successful, every student, instrument and sound must be perfectly aligned. Each individual determines the outcome of every contest and performance. The combined perfection of each individual is the band and without your support, this campaign cannot be successful.

The total campaign is to raise $100,000. Each new uniform set will cost $550. With each breaking down to:

Coats - $230
Jumpsuits - $95
Shoulder Nest - $65
Cape - $65
Shakos - $50
Plumes - $20
Garment Bag - $15
Shako Box - $10

Impact of the Commitment

Your commitment, supporting numerous students covering their full uniform cost or a component or two, will help ensure our Kentucky State University Mighty Marching Thorobred Band is able to compete on the national stage and represent our institution as ambassadors at every performance. Without your individual support, the success of our band cannot be complete.

How to Give

To make your gift to the KSU Mighty Marching Thorobred Ambassador Campaign, mail your check to:

Kentucky State University
Attn. Institutional Advancement Hume 102
400 East Main St.
Frankfort, KY 40601

For other ways to give or taxwise opportunities, please contact or (502) 597-5500.