Every day, Kentucky State University invests in the human potential of its students. Kentucky State University alumni impact the health and prosperity of the Commonwealth, the nation, and worldwide. Kentucky State University is positioned to ensure underrepresented and underserved populations have access to education that will allow them a lifetime of impact and service. Today and every day in its 135 years, Kentucky State University changes lives.

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We need our legislators to recognize the importance of Kentucky State University and invest in the future of HBCUs now. Add your voice to the campaign for Kentucky State University.
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Contact your Kentucky Legislators and tell them to invest in Kentucky State University’s growth and infrastructure, affording the University the support required to expand its transformational work by authorizing funds to:

  • Utilize public and private investments to renovate, repair, modernize, or construct new campus facilities, including instructional, research, and residential spaces;
  • Provide access to campus-wide, reliable high-speed broadband to support digital learning and long-term technological capacity;
  • Develop campus facilities to support community-based partnerships that provide students and community members with academic, health, and social services;
  • Procure equipment and technology needed to facilitate high-quality research and instruction;
  • Ensure the resilience, safety, and sustainability of campus facilities. 

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Talking points for advocates of Kentucky State University

  • Enrollment at Kentucky State University has steadily increased since the 2016-17 academic year, from 1,736 in 2016 to 2,279 in 2021. 
  • Kentucky State University has steadily increased its retention rates, achieving the highest recorded fall-to-fall retention rate of 79 percent in 2020. 
  • The Kentucky State University Board of Regents approved the creation of The Center for Research on the Eradication of Educational Disparities (C.R.E.E.D. Center). The center researches education disparities and ways to close educational gaps, as well as working to make Kentucky State the leading university in the Commonwealth to provide educator training.
  • The Kentucky State University Pre-College Academy gives students the opportunity to get an early start by earning 5-9 credit hours depending on their track. This program is surrounded by a wealth of academic support services such as tutoring, mentoring, supplemental instruction, self-paced labs, and experiences that include aspects of college orientation, campus centered activities, and higher education socialization.
  • The University College at Kentucky State University has the singular mission to provide a series of programs, services, events and curriculum to promote and support the academic success of the university’s undergraduate students. University College is an interdisciplinary, collaborative unit that offers student-centered programs and services that enhance exploration, engagement, and success. 

Our impact is undeniable 

Kentucky State has an economic impact of more than $130 million to the Bluegrass Higher Education Region, a 16-county area in the Commonwealth. Spending in fiscal year 2016 generated more than $48 million in labor income, supporting the equivalent of 1,037 jobs.


The primary focus of the Center for Research on the Eradication of Educational Disparities (CREED) is to research educational disparities and ways to close educational gaps, followed by leading the charge for Kentucky State in becoming the leading university in the Commonwealth to provide educator training. 

West Louisville Initiative

Senate Bill 270 strengthened Kentucky State’s partnership with Simmons College and West Louisville to prepare more teachers of color and to help address issues of health education, wellness and food insecurity in West Louisville. 

student teachers

Six education students received conditional contracts to work for JCPS as teachers upon graduation.


The Kentucky State University Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is the first doctoral degree in the 135-year history of Kentucky State and is believed to be the first HBCU to offer the degree.


The College of Agriculture, Communities and the Environment offer the only Aquaculture Research Center (ARC) in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

KSU Student

Kentucky State became the first HBCU and only university in Kentucky to be nominated and awarded membership in the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC).  


Kentucky State is a university of opportunities 

Kentucky State University provides career readiness for graduates ready to make a difference in a world that is imbalanced in systemic ways. Diversity and learning in a diverse environment helps foster cultural competence and inclusion in the workforce. Providing access to education to first-generation students, low-income students and other underrepresented and underserved populations is a crucial part of the 135-year mission of Kentucky State. 

Kirk Miller
In May 2021, Kirk Miller became the first in his family to graduate college. The Louisville, Kentucky native now works as a financial analyst at Wells Fargo.

paola flores
Paola Flores was selected as battalion executive officer, the second-highest ranking position in the Army ROTC Wildcat Battalion, which consists of seven colleges and universities. 

Kentucky State provides every first-time, full-time freshman a laptop to assist with college success.


The bourbon industry has a $8.6B economic impact on Kentucky and provides more than 20,100 jobs. At Kentucky State, students can earn a certificate in fermentation and distillation science to prepare to work in the distillation, brewing and fermentation industries. Read more


Our students have the opportunity to learn and grow outside of the classroom, enriching their educational experience.  We provide challenging, exciting and different experiences for success in life beyond college. 

barbara white
Barbara White, the Commonwealth’s first African American and first female state registrar, received her associate degree at KSU at the age of 80. The history-maker originally enrolled at KSU in 1957 and earned credits on and off until 1962, but withdrew due to life circumstances.

Our alumni are the next generation of world leaders

From civil rights icons to nurses in your neighborhood, our alumni are everywhere. Whether they’re conducting cutting-edge agricultural research, teaching in a classroom near you or operating successfully in the business world, our alumni are world leaders and world class. 

bryantDarren Bryant '14
Mayor, City of Robbins, Illinois

Lauren WilliamsLauren Williams '06
Vice President, Marketing Strategy, SiriusXM + Pandora 

Suzy HosleySuzy Hosley '06
Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce Director of Alumni Relations

wallerLieutenant Colonel La'Shawna Waller '05
Commander of the 1792D Combat Sustainment Support Battalion

cookeKevin Cooke '94
Principal Deputy CIO, US Department of Housing and Urban Development

alexander_mMikiyon Alexander '03
Senior Director at Fitch Ratings 

Our faculty and staff inspire passion for learning and self-discovery

Kentucky State is small in size and large in spirit. Students know their professors here. University leaders go out of their way to make sure our students cross the finish line at graduation.  

Lori Hicks

Dr. Lori C. Hicks, interim chair of the School of Humanities and Performing Arts, appointed to the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) nominating committee. 

David Shabazz

Dr. David Shabazz, associate professor of journalism, and his brother, Julian, wrote the biography of Rudy Ray Moore, whose life is portrayed by Eddie Murphy in Netflix’s “Dolemite Is My Name,” nearly 24 years before the big budget film. 

Alexander Lai

Dr. Alexander Lai, associate professor of biology, co-authored a peer-reviewed paper on COVID-19, "COVID-19: Epidemiology, Evolution, and Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives."

Keith McCutchen
, director of choral activities, took his fifth trip to Brazil to further his knowledge as a music educator. On his monthlong trip, he adjudicated the international Cantoritiba Festival, attended a workshop at the University of Sao Paulo and was in residency with a men's chorus. 

T'Ebony Torain
, director of Upward Bound, has worked at Kentucky State for over a decade. Torain has built her career on making an impact, building leaders, and helping students overcome challenges. 

Dr. Gavin Washington
, assistant professor of physical education, was appointed as president-elect of the Kentucky Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. 

We are 135 years strong and counting

From humble beginnings, Kentucky State University has persevered and created an illustrious history on the shoulders of the founders and alumni who came before us. We are proud of our progress and we honor those who paved the way for current and future students to have access to education in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Read more.


Together Thorobreds, our future is forever

Alumni, friends and benefactors from across the world have contributed to the Together Thorobreds 135th Anniversary campaign at Kentucky State University. So far this year, 421 donors have contributed $1,381,302.54 to help build future leaders and advance knowledge for the greater good of society. Know how Kentucky State University is making a difference and how you can support the cause.

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