Kentucky State University’s Honors Program has some funds that are available to help students who are registered in the Honors Program.  These funds may be used to pay expenses incurred either in the academic year (fall and spring semesters) or in various study abroad programs. Since applications for these Honors Scholarships (grants-in-aid) are usually submitted before the student’s own funding decisions are made, and because funds, if available, are very limited, applicants should not rely solely on a Honors Scholarship and should rely primarily on alternative sources of funding (including Federal Financial Aid, foundations, family, etc.).


The criteria used for awarding scholarships are primarily measures of merit, although demonstrated need is also considered. Merit is determined by a combination of GPA and general scholarly excellence as shown in classroom attendance, attitude, participation, and ability. However, other criteria such as the following may play a decisive role: 1.) the availability of funds, and an equitable distribution of the available funds; 2.) the applicant’s enrollment in Honors courses amounting to twelve semester hours or above, or the applicant’s declared major or minor in Liberal Studies; 3.) maintaining good and responsible behavior as an Honors student; 4.) the applicant’s financial need.


Applications are solicited from continuing students at the end of the spring semester, and from incoming students before the start of the fall semester. Applications must state the amount requested and reasons for the request in this amount. In particular, applicants must specify evidence that their performance merits the amount requested. After the application deadline the Whitney Young Honors Collegium Scholarship Committee, a committee of three WYHC faculty members elected annually by the entire faculty of WYHC, meets to discuss the applications and to determine the awards to be made on the basis of the criteria outlined above. Some funds are reserved each year for students who engage in KSU’s study-abroad programs; when those programs are announced students are told if funds are available, and again applications are solicited. The same criteria and process are used for these awards as for other awards. After the Committee’s decisions are made, students are immediately notified by letter of the amount of their awards, and copies of the letters are transmitted to KSU’s Office of Financial Aid.

Awards are granted for the academic year. Continuing students may re-apply for an award at the end of the spring semester for the next academic year.


To be eligible for a scholarship, each applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be a student in good standing registered for the Honors core or a Liberal Studies major or minor in Whitney Young Honors Collegium;
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better;
  • Complete a FAFSA form for the current semester and place it on file in KSU’s Office of Financial Aid before applying for a WYHC Honors grant-in-aid;
  • Complete a Honors Program Application for Grant-in-Aid (for a copy of the form, click on WYHC Scholarship Application).
  • Write a formal letter clearly stating in detail why this award should be given to the applicant, with particular attention to the applicant’s merit and need for financial assistance. Transmit the signed letter and the signed, completed application form to the Chairperson, WYH Collegium Scholarship Committee, 133-A Carver Hall, Kentucky State University, Frankfort KY 40601. Letters received by the announced deadline will be given priority.

If applying for a grant-in-aid for study abroad, complete an application for the appropriate study-abroad program and course (e.g., CCSA, KIIS, or BCA) and transmit a copy of this application to the chairperson of the Scholarship Committee at the address above.