Liberal Studies Degrees

The Whitney Young School offers both Bachelor and Associate liberal studies degrees. These degree programs are briefly described below.  For full details please consult the Whitney Young School of Honors and Liberal Studies section of the KSU Catalog.

Honors Program option for Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Students can major in Liberal Studies through the Honors Program, whether or not they have completed their core liberal studies requirements in the Honors Program. The Liberal Studies major is compatible with many other majors, and provides excellent preparation for graduate or professional schools.

The Honors Liberal Studies major is also KSU’s designated pre-law program; for more information on how the Honors Program prepares one for law school, see Pre-Law and Honors.

Many students “double major” by combining a Liberal Studies major with another major such as English, Mathematics, or Psychology. Students may also minor in liberal studies. Upper-division Honors seminars are thematically designed and easily complement other major courses of study. The seminar on Ethics and Leadership (LST 301) may be of special interest to political science or business majors. The seminar on Science, Religion, and Ethics (LST 302) may be of special interest to majors in science or the health professions. The seminar on Philosophy and Literature (LST 401) may be of special interest to students of philosophy or English.

For a sample of what Liberal Studies majors have done with their degrees, see What can I do with a Liberal Education?

Student-Designed option for Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Students also have the option to design their own curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies. In cases where students have a clear professional or educational objective that is not met by an existing KSU major, students in collaboration with their faculty advisors can design a coherent sequence of courses to meet their objective.

General Studies option for Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Students who have completed all general University requirements for a B.A. degree, but have not completed the requirements for any particular major, may apply for this general studies “completion degree” through the Whitney Young School.

Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies (Honors option and General option)

Students may earn an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Studies either through the Honors Program core option or the general liberal studies core option. The A.A. in Liberal Arts may be used as a transfer program for students who intend to complete their baccalaureate degree elsewhere. The Area of Applied Human Sciences also offers coursework leading to a A.A. degree in Liberal Studies with a Specialization in Early Childhood Education.