Honors Students of sophomore standing or higher may participate in internships for which they can receive academic credit as well as valuable practical experience in areas related to their educational and career interests. Students may, for example, do legal research in a law office, help to prepare reports in a state government office, organize material for archiving in a history center, or help plan programs for a non-profit community organization.

Non-traditional students who are already employed must use the internship to involve themselves in special projects that represent a new frontier in their career development. Student interns are mentored by a course instructor and an on-site supervisor, who periodically communicate with each other about the student’s work. The internship course (LST 491) counts as an elective towards a liberal studies major or minor; no student may take LST 491 more than twice.

Recent internship placements have included the Department of Public Advocacy of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Mentoring Program of the YMCA of Kentucky, the office of Kentucky State Senator Gerald Neal, the Presbytery of Transylvania, the Kentucky Heartwood environmental organization, and the law offices of Johnson, True and Guarneri (one of the nation’s leading law firms).