Financial Aid

Financial aid programs were developed by federal and state governments, as well as by institutions of postsecondary learning to assist students from families with limited resources in meeting their educational expenses. The primary purpose of financial aid is to ensure that no person is denied the opportunity of attending college because of financial need.

Generally, financial aid is provided in four forms: scholarships, grants, loans and work. To apply for all types of state and federal aid and programs, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You will be required to complete a separate application for University and non-university scholarships.


The Office of Financial Aid promotes student learning and development by offering professional delivery of seamless, student-centered financial aid services that are responsive to unique individual needs and contribute to effective student learning by teaching appropriate communication skills, self-sufficiency and personal responsibility in an environment that supports the educational goals of students.

Maintaining the highest level of professionalism reflects the Student Financial Aid office’s commitment to the goals and mission of Kentucky State University.

The Financial Aid website will serve as your guide. It has all the information needed to get started with financial aid applications and learn about the process of using aid to pay for college.