Concurrent Degrees

A  student may pursue two degrees of the same level in a given matriculation period, e.g., two baccalaureate degrees, two associate degrees, or two graduate degrees, when minimum graduation requirements are met with additional coursework for the appropriate degree level.  A student may not   pursue mixed levels of degrees simultaneously.  (Students having earned one degree at any level may subsequently pursue another, either associate or baccalaureate.  (see Subsequent Degrees)  Students must complete all of the requirements in  effect at the time the student declares the major in each degree program.  While some of the hours earned from one degree may count toward another degree, students must earn at least 15 additional approved semester hours for another associate  degree or 30 additional hours for another  baccalaureate degree.  This translates to a minimum of 75 hours for two associate’s degrees and a minimum of 150 hours for two baccalaureate  degrees.