Academic Services

Thorobred Learning Center  provides one-on-one and small group tutorials in subjects including reading, writing, mathematics, sciences, and foreign languages. The staff also provides student success workshops in areas such as learning strategies, time management, critical thinking, math anxiety, learning styles, and stress management. ACE is a comprehensive learning center that promotes academic excellence by helping students to access the resources and to develop the habits that encourage achievement and lead to lifelong learning. All KSU students are eligible for this assistance that helps students master the skills necessary for academic success.

Center for Academic Persistence and Success (CAPS)  provides a full range of academic advising and personal counseling services to students. Every effort is made to ensure that each student receives personal attention and assistance with his/her problems and concerns.

Placement Testing and Career Preparation provides a collaborative learning environment which connects students, faculty, staff and the community in meaningful learning activities. The use of technology and test preparation guides support and provide opportunities that enhance the student’s career and professional choices.

Disability Resource Center at Kentucky State University (KSU) assures that students with disabilities receive equal access to education by providing services and auxiliary aids in accordance with statutes in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and in Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). Assistance to students is not limited to the aforementioned statutes as various other laws such as those pertaining to building accessibility and website accessibility are also applicable.

FRIENDS – Finding Resources In Education for NontraDitional Students -provides assistance to students who are beginning or continuing their education as adult learners. It provides nontraditional students with assistance in college reading, writing, study skills and time management.

Office of Global Education and Programs provides KSU students, faculty, and administrators opportunities to participate in international educational experiences.

Student Support Services at Kentucky State University (KSU) is crafted and designed to provide academic and personal support for our student participants. SSS will select and guide student participants with academic assistance, advising, career counseling, individual and personal counseling, mentoring, and assistance with other community services as needed.